It’s kinda funny, but the cichlids that “look” mean in this group of fish usually are.

The cichlid family is one of the largest groups of fish on the planet with over 650 species found throughout the world.

AKA Wolf Cichlid, Guapote, Dow's Cichlid, and Rainbow Bass Maxium Standard Length: 28". .


This species of Cichlid is very aggressive and territorial – females are often more aggressive than males.

Mar 3, 2022 · As one of the large South American Cichlids, male Green terrors can grow up to 12 inches (30 cm) in length, while females only reach 5 inches (12. Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons. .

We will notate aggressive behaviors within the item description throughout the site when applied.

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99 $ 11. Don’t confuse their close cousin, the Blue Acara (A.


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Aequidens rivulatus.
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Jan 30, 2023 · Although they are called green terrors, these are some of the most colorful fish from the cichlid species and, in fact, one of the most colorful fish in general. 99 $ 199. $11. 99 $ 19. .

Cichlids have become increasingly popular and are ideally suited as aquarium fish given a number of their traits.

Region of Origin: South America. 3 - 5.

A larger 50-gallon tank will provide ample space to live comfortably.

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Haplochromis Obliquidens - regular 1.

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